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Ale Keg

A keg for storing ale

Altar of Ymir

A place of sacrifice to Ymir, the Frost Giant

Animal Pen

A rough pen for holding animals

Artisan Table

A table with all the tools required for miscellaneous creations


A common wooden barrel

Black Candle

A black, beeswax candle

Black Candle Stub

A black wax candle

Black Hand Banner

A patterened banner in the fashion of the Black Hand

Blue Stygian Carpet

A patterned, Stygian carpet

Bone Pile 1

A pile of bones

Bone Pile 2

A pile of bones


A large bonfire

Bower of Jhebbal Sag

A place for worshipping Jhebbal Sag


A crude cage made out of branches


A small campfire for cooking and keeping warm

Candle Stub

The melted, half-used stub of a candle