Aloe Soup

A green soup with no meat at all

Arena Ritual Offering

An offering to the bloody spectacle of battle

Berry Juice

Sweet drink made from berries

Blood Sausage

Links of meat held together by innards. Tasty.

Bone Broth

Under the delicious broth is something that was recently...human


A loaf of bread

Bug Kabob

Roasted bugs on a skewer

Bush Jerky

Strips of feral meat dried and salted

Century Egg

Dark green egg smelling of ammonia

Chili Desert Style

Meaty and eye-wateringly spiced

Cimmerian Meal

It's hot, and its filling

Cleansing Brew

Smells sharp

Cooked Abysmal Meat

The cooked flesh of the abysmal remnant

Cooked Anglerfish

A cooked, rare fish

Cooked Catfish

A cooked, rare fish

Cooked Dogfish

A cooked, rare fish