Steel Cleaver

A cleaver made from steel

Hardened Steel Cleaver

A hardened steel cleaver of Cimmerian make

Star Metal Cleaver

A cleaver forged from mysterious star metal

Improvised Torch

A fast burning brand of scavenged materials

Sealed Waterskin

A sealed leather skin for storing water


A torch that can burn for a long time

Stone Cleaver

A crudely crafted cleaver

Glowing Stick

A makeshift torch made from glowing goo and bone

Iron Cleaver

A crudely crafted cleaver

Stone Pick

A stone pick for mining sandstone

Iron Pick

An iron pick for mining ironstone

Steel Pick

A reinforced steel pick that is hard enough to mine anything

Stone Hatchet

An axe of sharpened stone for chopping wood

Iron Hatchet

An axe of wrought iron for chopping wood

Steel Hatchet

An axe of strengthened steel for chopping wood

Hardened Steel Hatchet

An axe of hardened steel for chopping wood